Our luck has been crummy with this whole military move.  OCS was overbooked so we were told Armydad would have to wait several months to begin.  By the time he was slated to begin it was REALLY overbooked and we quickly learned his chances of getting in and making it through were slim.  So, we made the choice, despite financial hardship, that he would stay in and switch to enlisted.

Now, we find out he may not be getting a paycheck at all, indefinitely.  This is insane!  A part of me is pissed about it.  Another part of me feels like I should apologize to the other military families since our crummy luck has struck again!

Right now I am so thankful for the messed up adoption tax credit.  We got a portion of our tax check already and that will get us through this.  We should be fine for a month or 2.  After that things would get dicey.  Honestly, I cannot imagine this shutdown would last more than a few weeks anyway.

So, I am not overly stressed at this point.  But I am mad.  I cannot imagine how the women whose husbands are in Afghanistan feel right now.  They have enough to worry about without this mess.  Their husbands have way more than enough to worry about.  They don’t need to be focusing their attention on issues at home.  They need to be focused on their safety and the mission.  This is just not right.  Congress needs to fix this.  NOW!  Before the shutdown begins.


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