100 Facts About Me Part 4

Here is the final installation.  Thanks to Megan for doing this!  I have had fun with it!

76. I love chocolate.  Seriously, it could be an additional food group for me!

77. I way overuse exclamation points!

78. I worked outside the home until Thing1 was 10 months old.  Our neighbor ran an in home daycare that he went to.  When she decided to quit doing it, we could not find a daycare we felt comfortable with, so I quit working!

79. Thing1 only went to daycare 3 days a week, yet Armydad and I both worked full time.  With his restaurant schedule, we had a few days a week where he did not work or went in at the time I got off, so we would do the baby swap on those days.  I refused to have him in daycare any more than absolutely necessary.

80. I did in home daycare for a while after I quit working.  At my busiest I had a 4 month old, 1 year old, 2 year old, and two 3 year olds!

81. I quit doing child care when Thing2 was born so I could focus on my kids.

82. By the time Thing2 was 4 months old, I was ready for another baby!

83. We started taking classes to become licensed foster parents when Thing2 was 7 months old.  We were licensed when he was 10 months old, but did not get a placement for another 7 months.

84. We had 3 full time placements and 2 short term, respite placements during our stint with foster care.  Only one was within the age range we requested (birth to 12 months.)  I was a sucker and said yes to the calls anyway!

85. I am a TV junkie.  I love TV shows because I feel like I develop a relationship with the characters over time.  I don’t like movies because just as I feel like I know them, the movie ends and I never see them again.  My husband says I am weird for this inclination!

86. My favorite TV shows: Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, The Good Wife, Grey’s, Private Practice, Army Wives.  I have several others I watch also!

87. I think the DVR was the best invention ever made.  I never watch live television or commercials any more.

88. I love to read.  My guilty pleasure is slutty romance novels!  I love them.  I used to check them out from the library and hide them when I was in high school so my mom would not find them.

89. My husband often calls me Betty Crocker because I love to bake.

90. I make scrap books.  For me, it is all about preserving the memories in an easy to keep and understand way.  I am not focused on the art of it.  Therefore, I can generally do 3 months worth of scrap booking in under an hour!

91. Growing up I did not like meat loaf, at all.  It has become one of my favorite meals since marrying Armydad because it is his favorite.

92. Laundry is my favorite chore.  I can physically see the results and it is not that labor intensive.

93. Before Armydad left I could go for several days without leaving the house and be perfectly content.  Since he left, I have to leave the house every day or I feel nuts!

94. I live in a 675 square foot apartment with 2 kids and a dog (and part of the time, a husband!)  Good thing we are a close family!

95. I did not have cable growing up.  Now I feel like it is essential.

96. I am addicted to the internet.  (Not really.)  Some days it is my only form of adult interaction.

97. I shower and wash my hair every day.  My mom and sisters do not.  They wash their hair every other day generally.  Mine looks like a bucket of grease got spilled in it if not washed every day.

98. I do not require much sleep.  I can function on 3 or 4 hours and am good to go with 5 or 6.

99. Thing2 did not sleep through the night until 18 months.  He still (at 3 years) wakes up at least a couple nights a week.  I have learned to sleep through it when he wakes up, comes into my room, and crawls into my bed.  I wake and find him asleep next to me in the morning.

100. Armydad and I danced to The Luckiest at our wedding.  It is his ring tone on my phone now.


One thought on “100 Facts About Me Part 4

  1. I like laundry, too, and it’s a good thing since my husband doesn’t lol. He doesn’t really like meatloaf, but I hope if I make it some time I can change his mind about it. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your facts! I hope you had fun with it 🙂

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