100 Facts About Me Part 3

This is harder than I thought it would be!  Today I am going to try and focus on college / early (pre-kid) marriage.  Then the last post will cover kids up to today.

51. My first major in college was Film, Television, and Theatre.  I thought I would get to sit around and watch TV and movies all the time.  It was way harder than I imagined…

52. I graduated with a political science major.

53. I minored in Gender Studies.

54. I lived in the college dorms for 2 1/2 years.

55. I had planned to go to law school.

56. I spent a fortune on application fees, applied to, and was accepted into a few law schools.

57. I chose not to go to law school and to try to get pregnant instead.

58. That last endeavor?  Wildly unsuccessful!  Could have finished law school by the time baby came around!

59. I have no regrets about skipping law school.  I would have never been able to stay home had I gone to law school.

60. My back up plan if something ever happens to Armydad is to use the life insurance to go to law school!

61. During college I worked as a nanny.

62. My first post college job was in a daycare center.  (What can I say?  Crummy area we moved to!)

63. I stayed at the daycare center for 3 weeks before being offered a better job!

64. I worked at a local hospital helping uninsured patients apply for state assistance.

65. I left that job for one in city government.  I was an Operations Supervisor for the bus system!

66. I have a partially written novel sitting on my computer.

67. I had very minimal infertility testing done and no issues were found.  Armydad had one test done and a major issue appeared.

68. After learning kids were most likely not in our future, I bought myself a $5000 diamond ring as a consolation prize!

69. Armydad got me a puppy to help take the place of a baby.  It did not work!

70. We had our very first home built and got to pick all finishes!

71. For my 24th birthday, I asked for one thing: for Armydad to decide whether he wanted to adopt or not have kids.  He informed me he wanted to move on to adoption.  Best birthday present I ever got!

72. We met with an agency in January 2006.

73. Our paperwork was complete and we were ‘paper pregnant’ in March 2006.

74. We waited four months for our phone call!

75. On July 30, 2006 our lives were forever changed (for the better!)


One thought on “100 Facts About Me Part 3

  1. Yay poli sci majors! I considered law school, too, but worked in a law library during undergrad and saw how depressed law students get. That, along with graduating and getting married, have caused my law school dreams to fade. Maybe someday, but not now 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your facts!

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