Tides are Changing

Remember when I wrote this post lamenting our terrible luck?  Well, I think God got the message!  I think the tides have changed and things are going to go our way for a while!

Armydad got to his new location today.  (Which is actually his old location because it is the same place he did his Basic training at!)  Originally his orders online said his class started in about 3 weeks.  His paper orders handed to him yesterday said he started in about 2 weeks.  Today they informed him they are moving the start date up and he should start next week!  It is only 5 weeks 3 days of training.  So, he should be finished with training in about 6 1/2 weeks.  We could potentially be moving in less than 2 months!

He also thinks he will like the environment there.  They are very laid back.  He was told he should get personal time every night for phone or Skype.  And?  He might even earn an off post weekend pass in a few weeks!  Since we are only 5 hours away from him, that would be awesome!

I am feeling so much better right now.  The end is not only in sight, but close!  Plus we may get to see him some between now and then!

Right now, life is great!


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