Not Alone

This path to Army family has not been an easy one.  We have been thrown for several loops.  Everything moved a lot more slowly than we expected.  Then things did not go as we expected.  And Thing1 had medical issues pop up along the way.  But, I have been seeing God in this process.

When Armydad signed his enlistment paperwork, we were under the impression he would leave quickly for Basic.  We were wrong!  He left 9 months later.  At first we were upset by this.  We felt like we were sitting, watching a calendar and dreading the separation to come.  But, this time allowed us to put our house on the market, sell it, and move to an apartment with a few months to spare.  Having Armydad around made the transitions so much easier for the boys.

Once Armydad got to OCS and we began to realize that was not the path he was supposed to be on, I freaked out a little.  He had taken a pay cut to join the Army with the assumption that after OCS the pay would increase dramatically.  How would we do it without that increase?  Enter God!  This year, due to changes made in the adoption tax credit, we are getting a tax refund that is about double what we expected.  This money is allowing us to pay off multiple debts.  The amount of monthly bills being cut is higher than the pay raise we had expected!  So, we should be in decent shape financially!

Yesterday was not a good day for me.  I was exhausted and hormonal.  I was so tired of not knowing what was going on, when I would see Armydad, where he was going, what he was doing.  All of it was too much for me.  I broke down and cried and said I could not do it anymore.  I could not handle the unknowns for another day.  Today Armydad called to tell me he got his orders!  He flies to his new location tomorrow.  Training starts in a few weeks and is supposed to end late May.  Which means we should be living with him in June (crossing fingers that all goes as planned!)

God is so amazing in His provisions for us.  His hand is guiding us and showing us that we are on the right path.  And when I think I cannot do it anymore, He gives me the boost to keep going!  I am just feeling overwhelmed by Him right now!


One thought on “Not Alone

  1. Glad you had a good cry – that’s important. Things do seem to be working out. It’s been hard on you, but you’re doing a terrific job of rolling with all these punches! ArmyDad is lucky to have you.

    Hopefully this new path will work out well for you all and he’ll enjoy his next step in his Army career…

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