100 Facts About Me Part 2

Here is part 2 thanks to Megan!  This post will be some general stuff and a lot of child hood facts!

26. I was my mom’s fattest baby.

27. On July 27, I got a phone call about Thing1.  He was one week old.  Armydad and I discussed his possible medical issues extensively that night.

28. On July 28, we called the agency and told them we wanted to be his parents.

29. I went to Catholic school for kindergarten to sixth grade.

30. On July 30, we picked up Thing1!

31. I missed my first communion because I had the chicken pox.

32. However, I went to the Father Daughter dance that same day despite the chicken pox!

33. I made up my First Communion during Sunday Mass by myself a few weeks later.

34. I have always been a nurterer.

35. My mom had to force me to stop waking my sisters for school so they can learn to do it.

36. She also would not allow me to continue packing their lunches every day.

37. When my sister was a senior, I was in eighth grade.  I often did her homework for her.

38. I was a late walker.

39. I did not learn to ride my bike without training wheels until I was in 4th grade…

40. I played volleyball in elementary school.

41. I went to St. Louis for my sixth grade class trip.  We flew there.

42. I went to Washington D.C. with an eighth grade class trip.

43. I went to Europe after graduating high school.  It was a school trip.  My parents gave it to me as a graduation gift.

44. I won a college scholarship in seventh grade at a math competition.

45. I was a mathlete!

46. I went to math camp one summer.  (Armydad still makes fun of me for this.)

47. I have never had a lifelong best friend outside my sisters.

48. I had a boyfriend from eighth grade to tenth grade.

49. Armydad was my second boyfriend.

50. My sisters and I created a fake bank as kids.  We even had a theme song!


One thought on “100 Facts About Me Part 2

  1. That is some really interesting stuff. I’d have to tease you also about going to math camp, but I wish I’d been your lifelong friend while I was a sophomore and you were in the 3rd grade so you could have done my math. They lost me in geometry….. Hee hee.

    Love the other stuff!

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