Army Wives

First, if you are an Army Wives fan and have not watched yet, DO NOT READ!  Spoilers ahead for those who have not watched!

I have been addicted to Army Wives from the very first day it came on.  I joked to my husband back then that he should join the Army so I could be an Army Wife!  (I think he was already considering it then but had not brought it up because he thought I would never go or it.  My joke made him take steps toward his dream.  Not sure if I am glad I made that joke or not…)

I knew what was going to happen.  I either have a gift or television writers are too predictable because 99% of the time I know what is going to happen on shows.  (It kind of drives my husband nuts to watch TV with me because I always spoil the big ending plot twist at the beginning of the show!)  So, I just knew Jeremy was going to die.  It was the reason they introduced a fiancée.  If he died, none of the wives lost their Army wife status and would be allowed to stay on post.  I just knew it.

However, that did not make it any easier for me to watch the show.  This was a double whammy for me.  You see, Jeremy was the same rank as my husband will now be.  That was a little too close for home.  (Plus one of the job openings is infantry which terrifies me anyway.)  Seeing him on the front lines and hearing them call him by Armydad’s rank was hard.

The second difficult aspect for me was watching Denise and Frank lose their child.  Parents are not supposed to bury their child.  This is a topic very close to home for me.  I have thought about this more than normal parents do.  I have accepted the fact that I might one day bury my child.  But, it still hurts.  I still hope it won’t happen.  I don’t like to see it because then I think about it.

This was a really good episode from the aspect of acting and emotions displayed.  But it was the worst episode for me to watch yet.  So hard.  I think there will be several more difficult ones coming, too…


One thought on “Army Wives

  1. I’ve only watched that show a couple of times, and only a few minutes of the show. but I was flipping through the other night and saw this episode. I couldn’t stop watching. I was amazed by how well the actors portrayed their grief, and how real it all seemed… I was thinking of you the whole time… Hoping it wouldn’t freak you out!

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