And the Saga Continues…

I just got off the phone with Armydad.  Apparently things just continue to improve.  (Note the HEAVY sarcasm there…)  The class that he did not get into this week has 138 people.  Approximately 30 are Reserve.  So, about 108 are active.  They only have 80 jobs to offer to the 108 people.  The other 28 will be given three options: 1. go back to holding, test again, start the class over, possibly end up in the bottom again and be in the exact same boat.  2. Switch to enlisted.  Right now they are only offering the MOS that the Army is most in need of, so they stink!  3. Administrative discharge.

This trend is expected to continue in future classes.  So, Armydad could try and get in at the next test in 2 1/2 weeks, work his butt off for 11 weeks of training and still be told he is not going to become an officer.

Right now we are feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Armydad does not think he wants to switch to enlisted and end up as a plumber.  (One of the few choices to be offered so far.)  But, what are we supposed to do about money and insurance?  This really sucks!

Armydad says this was learned at an official briefing.  He was not actually there because he had desk duty.  I am really hoping this is a mind game, an exaggeration, something.  I am hoping he does not go through another 13 weeks there and be right back at square one.  I am also worried all of this will psyche him out and he will not be able to get in at the next test.  (He was also told if you fail to get in twice, you have the option of getting an administrative discharge at that time.)

Prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “And the Saga Continues…

  1. I will definitely be praying! We’re going through something similar. There are too many people in my husband’s MOS, so they’re moving his ETS date up by 90 days and giving no severance pay since he has less than 6 years in the service. It’s so unfair. We had to make a quick decision today whether to stay in 3 more years (which is a huge decision to have to make on the sly!) or get out and forget the severance pay.

    It’s really unfair to you guys that that is happening. I hope you are able to come up with a plan (and of course a Plan B, since the Army likes to change plans ALL the time) and I hope it works out in your favor. Big hugs!

  2. There are some overloaded jobs right now. They’re even telling the cadets coming out of ROTC that it’s great if you want to be this branch, but we hope you like 2LT pay because there are so many in it there’s not much room for promotion even if you do get it. Honestly, I’d find a MOS I could live with that wasn’t so full even if it meant more school and changing branches.

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