Our Life

Last week when I dropped Armydad off after our last day pass, I saw another guy telling his family good-bye.  This man’s wife had a baby at Christmas time.  He got about a week with the baby and then left.  Then he got a couple of day passes, and left again.  I watched him hold the baby, kiss the baby, and buckle him into his car seat.  I turned to Armydad and we had this conversation:

Me: “I feel so bad for him.  I cannot imagine how hard it is leaving that little bitty baby.”

Armydad looks at me like I have three heads, then says, “Armymomma, every single soldier here saying good-bye to their families is looking at me and wondering how I am doing this.  How I am away from Thing1.  How I am able to say good-bye knowing his heart could deteriorate at any second.”

I just stared at him.  I knew that the soldiers and drill sergeants knew about Thing1, but this is our life.  We have been living with this for a while.  So, for us, it is the norm.  It is hard for Armydad to leave Thing1, but it would be just as hard if he had a perfect heart.  It is just as hard for him to leave Thing2.  I, of course, cried after this conversation.  I am so glad my husband has these people supporting him and lifting him up on the bad days.  This really is a family.


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