Armydad made it to his new post.  We thought the stress level would go down.  It has skyrocketed…  He went through a really long, in depth process before joining the Army to apply and get accepted to Officer Candidate School.  He is in.  There is supposed to be a spot in the class for him that starts next week.  Well, when he arrived, he found out there are 200 people waiting to start.  They will start 80 of them…  So, they will take the 80 with the highest physical fitness test scores.  Armydad is not one of them.  His score was decent, much higher than what is required to be accepted into OCS.  But, it is not as high as what was needed last class cycle to make the cut.  So, he is going to work his butt off and see if he can improve it before the test next week.  If he does not make the cut, he will be recycled back for another 3 weeks of waiting for the next class to start.  Then he will have another chance to take the test.  If he does not make it again, recycled again and wait another three weeks.  This could be a never ending cycle.  While he is waiting in the reception battalion, he is allowed phone calls and computer time daily (we think) but he is not allowed any passes or visits.  So, if he sits there for months, he will not be allowed to see us.  He thinks that is a ploy to try and get some of them to drop out and switch to enlisted.

He is so stressed and worried.  He does not want to switch to enlisted.  We took a decent pay cut with this career change with the assumption that he would be an officer within 6 months and we would be back to where we were.  I am not even sure if we will be able to swing it financially if he stays enlisted.  Which means I am also stressed and worried.  He thinks the test will be next Tuesday, so think good thoughts and pray for him!  He can do this!


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