Single Parenting

I read something earlier today that did not sit well with me.  I almost responded, but decided to keep my mouth shut.  (Or maybe I should say, fingers still!)  The person was complaining about married women who claim to be single parents when their spouse is away.  I am probably over sensitive to this right now…

I am married.  I have a husband, a helper, a partner.  My children have a VERY hands on and involved father.  I am not a single parent.  I am, however, single parenting at this time.  And its not easy.  I have no idea what is it like to be a full time single parent.  I have never done it.  Sometimes I think what I am doing is harder.  My children go from seeing Mommy and Daddy every single day to not seeing Daddy for weeks.  They have no normal right now.  They don’t spend weekdays with me and weekends with him.  My children have not seen their dad in more than 7 weeks.  They have only talked to him 3 or 4 times during this separation.

So, am I wrong to claim to be single parenting right now?  Because if I am, where the hell is my helper?  When do I get my night off from baths and bedtime?  (Funny note: I told Armydad I cannot wait until the first night we get to spend together.  I am going to buy the best ear plugs I can find, go to bed early, and sleep all night long with no one waking me up!  Probably not exactly what he was hoping for!)

We made this choice for me to do this parenting gig alone.  I still feel we made the right choice.  It is hard, but I also think it is making me grow as a mother!  (But, my husband will not be kicked out the door when he is able to return home!)


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