Good-Bye Sleep

Saturday, I cut Thing2’s nap.  He did fine without and slept pretty good that night.  On Sunday, he fell asleep on the couch while watching TV and napped for a little over an hour.  He fell asleep easily, but had a terrible night with 2 hours of screaming in the middle.  (It was so bad, I moved Thing1 to the couch so he could try and sleep through it.)  Then on Monday, after the horrible sleep we went and got this:

How do you think sleep is going to go now?  I am guessing I will never sleep all night again…  We picked them up yesterday, but I did not use them last night.  I was concerned with all the screaming the night before that he might be fighting an ear infection, so I needed a normal night to see.  The little turkey slept 12 hours in his bed without making a peep!  I felt like a new woman!  But when we got up today, Thing1 saw the shoes and said, “Mom, you no put those on Thing2?  You supposed to put them on him.”  Busted by the 4 year old!  So, tonight they are on.  Thing2 started screaming immediately.  But, he did not take a nap today and fell asleep very quickly.  I am leaving him in my bed tonight because he cannot walk in these.

And, for those wondering, Thing2 has a medical condition called metatarsus adductus.  We have tried 2 different kinds of special shoes that he wore all day and we did a series of castings.  His feet do not turn in as much now as they did prior to these steps, but when he walks, his entire leg is still turning in.  So, we are trying this.


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