Valentine’s Day

My husband has always been a little anti Valentine’s Day.  You see, he used to be a restaurant manager, so Valentine’s Day was one of the worst days of the year for him at work.  Plus he feels it is a holiday invented by greeting card companies.  So, I have never gotten a gift or recognition on Valentine’s Day.  Until this year, that is!  Yesterday I got this:

My husband decided it was going to be hard on me being away from him on Valentine’s Day, so he sent a letter to his mom and asked her to make this happen!  I was so touched.  I love this man so much and I miss him.  Usually an unnoticed Valentine’s Day does not bother me.  It would have this year because I miss him.

If he is able to make this happen when he is in Basic training with no privileges and no outside contact, I can only imagine what I will get on my first holiday that he is deployed!

He is such a sweetheart and so romantic.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh my gosh – You forgot to tell me about these! That’s AMAZING. I cannot believe he did this – he earned a lot of points for this one!

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