Last night Thing2 slept through the night in his own bed!!!!!!!  Now, for most parents of a child who is 2 years and 11 months old this would be no big deal.  But, this is the first night since last Friday that he has slept all night.  You know it is bad when the first thing out of Thing1’s mouth this morning was, “Thing2 sleep all night?  He not cry at all?”  Apparently my exhaustion has been showing!

I am not sure what is going on.  He has always been a terrible sleeper.  He was up at least 6 times a night until about 18 months.  After getting ear tubes at 18 months, sleep got better.  He only got up once or twice at night.  We have tried everything: rocking, cuddling, giving items to hold or love on, letting him cry it out, melatonin before bed, etc.  Nothing seems to work with him.

Things were less than stellar when Armydad first left.  Thing2 was ending up in my bed most nights.  Then it got better.  Last weekend when Armydad called, I was able to tell him that Thing2 had slept in his own bed all night for 6 nights in a row!  Apparently I jinxed it because that started the stretch of 1am wake ups.  I am so fearful that the nap may need to go.  I am just not ready for that.  I love that break time.  It gets me through the days caring for these boys alone.  I stink with sleep issues.  This is Armydad’s area.  I am too soft and the kids know it.  I cannot listen to him cry, so I cave and let him sleep with me.  Hopefully Armydad will still have a place in our bed when he returns…


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