Want a family update?  If so, read on!  If not, you better quit reading now!

Armydad: He is still in Basic.  He is doing okay.  He hates the mind games they play and he really misses the boys.  He is looking forward to the end which is coming very soon!  I really don’t have much to update on him because I have only gotten 2 phone calls in the past 5 weeks.  (Yes, we got another this weekend!  We got to talk for 1 hour and 11 minutes!  It was heaven!)

Thing1: He is doing good.  He has handled the separation much better than I expected.  He is so smart and seems to learn new things every day.  I often feel like I am living with a teenager instead of a 4 year old, as he exclaims, “SWEET!” when he likes something.  Last night I sat in amazement as I watched him eat dinner.  Thing1 has a sensory disorder that led to severe feeding issues.  He was on baby food until 33 months.  Last night he ate chicken!  I did not have to use the baby food processor and grind it up.  Two nights ago, he ate ham steak.  I am just amazed by him.  (I know to most this seems very minor.  But I have still been using my baby food processor and grinding his meat up because it has been the only way he can eat it.)  He has come so far.  He loves preschool, church, movies, books, and anything on wheels.

Thing2: He is rotten.  I often refer to him as the Holy Terror.  It is an accurate description.  I suspect that he is just now beginning the Terrible Two’s.  (He turns 3 in a month.)  He has had some fairly significant delays in his development, both in cognitive and speech.  I suspect because of those delays, we are just now beginning this terrible phase.  His sleep is awful.  He wakes up almost every night and usually ends up in my bed.  (He will sleep through the night eventually, right?)  He was found to qualify for special needs preschool and will begin next month on his third birthday.  I am currently having a lot of issues with hitting.  I don’t know if this is a Terrible Two’s issue, a separation from Daddy issue, a combination, or something else entirely.  He is my picky child.  It is a good day if he eats 2 meals.  He loves trains and anything train related: toys, books, movies.

Me: I am doing so much better with the separation that I thought I would.  (I am going to toot my own horn a little here.  Sorry!)  My laundry is always caught up.  My house is cleaned at least every other week.  And I make at least 4 actual, from scratch meals each week.  (The other nights we eat leftovers or soup and sandwiches.)  Plus I do the day to day caring, cleaning, and running of my children!  (Toot over!)  I am doing a Bible Study right now on the Proverbs 31 woman.  It makes me aspire to be that woman, but at the same time, makes me feel like I am a bit of a failure…  I have been watching too much TV!  (Only after the kids go to bed or during nap / school time because my children do not let me watch TV when they are around!)  I have been trying to turn the TV off and read some nights.  I am excited to move to a new and (hopefully) far away place!  I am really hoping to get stationed somewhere I have never been!  I think it will so exciting to move to a brand new place and take a few years to discover all it has to offer!  Mostly though, I am just looking forward to living with my husband.  Honestly, any post is great if it means I am living with my husband again!

So, there you have it!  Consider yourself updated!


One thought on “Updates

  1. I think you are all doing amazingly well, and hope the end of basic is right around the corner. You need a break! Reid seemed to have different types of terrible as he worked his way through two and three, now that we’re nearing five, things are soooo much easier most days.

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