We’ll See

When I was a kid, I knew that whenever my mom said, “We’ll see.” it meant yes!  My sisters and I would always get so excited by a “We’ll see” answer because we knew we were getting whatever we asked for!

I realized the other day that I did not follow in her foot steps.  When I say “We’ll see” it means no about 90% of the time.  You see, that is my way of changing the subject and hoping Thing1 will forget whatever he is asking for!  It works about half the time.  He moves on, forgets what he asked for, and we have no tantrums or fits to deal with.  The other half of the time he remembers later and asks again.  Then I either cave and change my answer to yes or I give a no and deal with the aftermath.

Do you all have code phrases that usually mean yes or no?  Are they the same as what your parents used?


One thought on “We’ll See

  1. Too funny. “We’ll see” when I say it usually means I’m trying to buy time to avoid having to say, “NO” or so I can think of a good reason why I’m saying no…. I think I felt it meant the same thing with my mom…

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