You Say What?

We have faced a lot of medical issues within our family.  I very quickly came to the realization that doctor visits are to be dreaded.  I can count on one hand the number of regular check-ups that have had positive outcomes.  Most of the time, an annual appointment is then followed by multiple tests and specialist visits.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Murphy.  I had just taken Thing2 to the ENT.  He had some kind of growth in one of his ear tubes.  He also had the flu.  So, the doctor said the growth needed to be removed, but Thing2 could not go under anesthesia with the flu.  We were sent home with ear drops and a follow up appointment in 2 weeks.  Today was the follow up appointment.  And?  Brace yourselves: WE GOT GOOD NEWS!  For some reason, the growth has resolved itself.  We don’t know if it was somehow related to the flu or if it is just an odd coincidence.  So, Thing2 does not need surgery at this time!  I was totally not expecting this news today.

Although it is not a complete celebration, because he is going to have surgery in March, most likely.  The ear tubes usually fall out after 9 months.  Thing2 has had his for about 18 months.  We go back in March for another check.  If the tubes are still there, surgery will be 2 days later.  We scheduled it today.  (Although I may reschedule because right now it is set for the week before Spring Break.  I might change it to spring break.  I have not decided yet.)

As the mom of special needs kids, it is amazing how excited I get when a doctor visit goes well!


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