In Sync

Have you ever been so in sync with someone it kind of freaked you out?  I have always known that Armydad and I were perfect for each other.  I feel we are soul mates and were made for each other.  But sometimes I get a reminder and it freaks me out a little!

The only option Armydad and I have for building our family is adoption.  And adoption is not cheap.  (I know that you can adopt from foster care for next to nothing.  We have done foster care in the past, might again in the future, but I don’t feel it is a good fit for us when we are wanting to add a permanent family member.)  So between recovering from 2 adoptions in less than 2 years and the uncertainty of Thing1’s medical condition, we had decided we would wait until both boys were in school before discussing another child.

Then I found out my sister was pregnant again.  And I had my normal jealous reaction.  (She got pregnant the day they started trying this time.  Literally 2 weeks after they started trying, she got a positive pregnancy result.)  I decided I just did not want to wait for 3 more years to start this discussion.  So, when I got home from my parent’s house this past Sunday I wrote a letter to Armydad.  I asked him if he wanted to have another baby with me!  (We cannot start the process while he is in training, so we will have to wait about a year before we could seriously consider this anyway.)  On Monday I wrote another letter laying out some of the logistics of how I thought we could make it work.  Then I told him I did not want to hound him and I would not mention it again until he was on the same page.  I got a letter from Armydad on Wednesday.  (It takes longer for my mail to reach him, so he had not yet received either of my letters at that point.)  He had written it on Sunday.  He told me he had been in church that morning and saw a baby girl, less than 6 months old.  He sat and stared at her throughout church.  Then he asked if I wanted to have another baby with him!

Is that scary or what?  We are five hours apart.  We have had one phone call in the past (almost) 4 weeks.  Yet we are still so in sync that on the exact same day, probably at about the same time because we both usually write our letters right before going to bed, we both decided we should have another baby!

This is not a sure thing at this point.  I wrote him back and told him I think we should get through training, have Thing1’s next heart transplant evaluation, and if all checks out with him, investigate adding another child.  So, probably in about a year we will start to seriously look into this.  A part of me thinks this is going to make his training crawl by.  Another part thinks it will make it fly because I have something to look forward to!

Above all else, I needed this affirmation that we really are meant to be together.  That we are still in sync and doing great, even with this separation.  (I also wonder if every separation will make him want a baby.  That would definitely make deployments easier for me!  Maybe I will get the six kids I have always dreamed of!)


One thought on “In Sync

  1. Wow. That is just so awesome. That just shows you what a mighty God we have. I look forward to reading more about this adoption journey you will be going on!!

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