4 Weeks!

4 weeks from today, I get to see my husband!  The paperwork mailed to us said Family Day will last for 8 hours.  I am hearing from several other people  that they were told the same thing, but then the day of, the soldiers were told they had to return equipment and Family Day was cut down to a few hours…  So, I am not mentioning that to Armydad because those 2 days in a row with 8 hour passes each day are what is getting him through this.  (He is supposed to get an on post pass on family Day and an off post pass on Graduation day.)  I am just going to hope and pray that we get that full amount of time.  Because after that will probably be the longest separation yet…

Armydad is a little worried about the next phase.  He should get a lot more privileges.  We should get more frequent phone calls.  A few weeks in, we think he might even be able to Skype with us.  But, he is worried about his state of mind going into it.  We will have already spent more than 7 weeks apart and will only get 2 days (no nights) before he heads there.  I know we can get through this.  We just have to take it one day at a time!

And, we are only 2 days away from the halfway point for this separation!  Woo-Hoo!


One thought on “4 Weeks!

  1. I followed you back from my blog. Its nice to “meet” you too! I just want to say that the separations always suck, but it does get easier eventually. I hope you get the most out of your family time, and that your husband gets all the love and reassurance to carry him through his next phase!

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