I got a…


I am at my parent’s house.  We took the kids to Disney on Ice today.  About 3/4 of the way through, my phone rang.  I pulled it out and saw Armydad’s number!  I told my mom it was him, shoved Thing2 at her, opened my phone and said, “Hang on, hang on, hang on” as I ran out!  I went out to the lobby area and talked to him.  My sister came running out with Thing1 a couple minutes after I went out.  He wanted to talk to his Daddy!  He was so excited about Toy Story ice skating, he could barely talk!

Armydad is doing very well.  They are not training today due to the extreme cold.  He said today was tough.  He had too much time to think about us.  The days they train all day are the best because he does not have time to get bored or lonely.

I was so relieved to get a call today.  Armydad’s company has a page on Facebook.  Last night they posted asking us not to share bad news and to keep upbeat and encouraging.  They said many of them were really struggling and several have quit because they feel their spouses cannot handle the lifestyle.  I did not sleep well last night.  I was second guessing every letter I have sent, agonizing over whether or not I was making this harder for him.  I was so glad to get a call from him today because I know he is doing good.  He feels he is in the right place and he is confident that I can do this on my own while I need to.

And?  They phased up yesterday!  (There are 3 phases in Basic.  Each is supposed to last about 3 weeks.)  They were still in the first phase (at 5+ weeks).  This has no impact on training or completion.  It simply expresses how much control the drill sergeants have and how much freedom the trainees have.    I am hoping we will get more regular contact with this new phase!


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