Traveling Alone

The kids and I have tickets to see Disney on Ice this weekend with my parents and sister’s family.  (We are seeing Toy Story 3!!)  Our original plan was to get up today, get stuff packed, send Thing1 off to school, and then head out as soon as he got out of school.  Of course, we all know what happens while we are making plans!

On Wednesday my mom called me to ask if I was paying attention to the weather.  She suggested I come that day, 2 days early.  For some reason, this was the hardest decision for me to make.  I have never packed my kids up and left town without consulting Armydad.  He is my sounding board.  When I cannot make a decision, I defer to him.  Leaving 2 days early meant Thing1 would miss 2 days of school, I would miss a day of Bible Study, and Thing2 would miss his speech evaluation.  But, if school were cancelled due to inclement weather, all of those events would be cancelled.  It took me more than an hour and a phone call to a trusted friend before I finally made the decision to leave early.  I know Armydad would be supportive of any decision I make.  I don’t know know why I struggled so much with this decision.  I think I am just feeling so cut off from him right now.  For us, life is going on and he is missing it.  I know he hates that he is missing so much.

In the end, I made a great decision!  School was cancelled yesterday and today for Thing1, so all of our events were cancelled. We missed nothing.  And the roads are pretty bad, so I doubt I would have been able to make it to my mom’s house had I waited.  (Plus Thing1 spiked a fever yesterday and I had my mom around to help out.  Thankfully it is gone today, but we are keeping a VERY close eye for signs of flu, which could be extremely dangerous for him.)


One thought on “Traveling Alone

  1. So glad you went early! I know you can make these types of decisions by yourself, but I think it’s the fact that you wish he were around to make them with you…

    Please – No more illness in your family! Hope the fever isn’t anything serious and everyone gets to enjoy the ice!

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