Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is a day I usually spend honoring this great man.  He did so much good for our country.  He made my family possible.  Without the push he gave the Civil Rights movement, I am not sure if it would be possible and accepted for 2 white people to adopt and raise black babies.

I am thankful for him and his work.  I really am.  But, I am having a terrible day today, and my mind just cannot wrap around it and come up with the proper words.  I miss my husband.  I miss his touch, his voice, his comfort.  I knew this was going to be hard, but some days it takes my breath away.  I have been with Armydad since I was (almost) 16.  Since he moved to my college town 9 1/2 years ago, we have not gone more than a couple days without seeing each other.

I feel like I let my kids down today.  I did nothing to honor this great man because I was so consumed with missing my husband.  Next year I will do better.  I will teach them to honor the man who paved the path to our family.


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