Today is the fifth Sunday spent without my husband.  We had three before Exodus and have now had 2 since.  His platoon is only allowed calls on Sundays, when they are earned.  Guess how many Sundays I have heard my sexy husband’s voice?  If you guessed zero, you deserve a prize.

This sucks.  I knew there would be weeks without calls.  I just did not think it would be every week.  I heard today from a wife of a guy in the same company, different platoon.  According to her husband, there are a couple people who have decided they do not want to be there and have said numerous times that they are getting in trouble on purpose.  How insane and immature is that?  My husband has a 2 and a 4 year old who want to talk to him.  He has a son with a critical heart condition that he likes to be updated on.  He has a son who needs surgery and he does not even know it yet.

Honestly, I am luckier than the other wives in his platoon.  I got 2 extra phone calls the week of Thing1’s appointments.  So, I have gotten 7 calls already.  All of those were before Exodus.  Tomorrow is 2 weeks since I dropped him back off.  We only have a little over six weeks left until graduation.  (Although I am paranoid they are not going to graduate on time.)  This is so hard.  I need to hear his voice.  His voice will tell me if he is doing okay.  I need to know he is.  I miss him.


2 thoughts on “Five

  1. I am sure he’s doing fine. When you do get to talk to him, I bet you’ll hear only the anger and disgust in his voice about the behavior of his fellow soldiers… I know in the past he wouldn’t take action like this from the people he managed – It has to be hard to get it from peers and you can’t discipline them for it. Ridiculous that they continue!

    I hope he gets to call this week. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hopefully, you’ll get word to him about Thing 2’s med update before he gets to call THIS WEEKEND so he’s at least aware of that and you can run your thoughts by him about the surgery.

    Hold on – Keep marking those days off that calendar until 6 more weeks is up!!!! You are doing an AMAZING job all by yourself! I cannot believe how well you are handling it all – And with zero “me” time. You’re on the clock 24 hours a day (especially since those little Things seem to think 8 hours of sleep at night at t time is highly overrated), 7 days a week. I would have probably spent half this time already at home with my parents, just to have another person to help watch the kids so I could have at least a few minutes break here and there…
    Hopefully, this is the last of the sickness you’ll encounter for a while!

    You deserve a medal – You are surely going through the worst of it right now w/ the hospital stuff, illness, sleepless and no phone call s- It’s bound to be much better soon !

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