Murphy, GO AWAY!

So, I have heard other Army wives mention Murphy, the bringer of bad luck at the start of a deployment. Apparently Murphy decided to bring me a ton of bad luck at the start of this training separation.  Here is Murphy’s havoc:

Me: Last week I found out I had strep throat.  This week, I got the flu. (I was not tested because I could not leave the house alone with the boys, but read on to see why I am convinced it is a positive flu result.)

Thing1: Found out he has strep throat.

Thing2: Last week, we headed to the doctor and were told he had an ear infection.  Yesterday, we went in for Thing1 and I asked the doc to check Thing2’s ears.  She did not like what she saw and immediately made a call to Thing2’s ENT.  Today we got up to Thing2 running a fever and a terrible cough.  We headed to the clinic and got a positive flu result.  It was early enough to start Tamiflu and hope that helps.  Then we headed to the ENT.  Thing2 needs surgery to remove his ear tubes.  There is a growth on one of his tubes that is causing pain and irritation.  He cannot be put under anesthesia with the flu, so we have to wait 2 weeks, go back in, check again, and probably schedule surgery at that time.

It is time for Murphy to go away!  I am praying Thing1 does not end up with this flu because I don’t know how well his heart and lungs can handle it.

The good news is that my mom came today.  She went with me to the ENT to help, she has stripped every bed and washed sheets and she has sterilized the whole house!  All while I laid on the couch with a feverish Thing2 asleep on top of me.


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