I am feeling like crud today.  I took the last of my medicine for strep throat last night and developed a cough almost immediately.  I have a headache and some body aches today as well.  It is hard for me to tell how much is sickness and how much is exhaustion at this point.  You see, last night Thing2 decided that sleep was overrated.  He woke up at 2 and wanted to play and watch movies.  He did not cry or scream, just asked for juice, Mickey, trains, etc.  Finally around 5, I got him to fall asleep.  So, I am completely exhausted.  I am hoping the lack of sleep is a large part of making me feel like crud.

I am terrified that I am getting the flu, though.  What am I supposed to do if I end up with the flu?  I miss my husband today.  If he were home, he would have come home from work early and let me sleep for a while.  I would have woken up to dinner on the table.  After dinner he would have bathed the boys and put them to bed.  I am seriously spoiled by the greatest husband (and Daddy) ever.  And I miss him today when I feel like this…


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