I have heard mixed things about Tricare.  Some people seem to love it while others hate it.  For the time being, we have chosen to stay on Standard.  (For non-military readers, there are 2 main types of insurance.  This is my understanding of them.  1. Prime: This is a no cost option where care is managed by a primary care doctor.  You have to be seen on post unless you have a referral to go elsewhere.  2. Standard: This is a cost share option.  It costs nothing monthly, but there is a percentage share, with a maximum cap.  The maximum cap is considerably lower than what we had been paying each year.  With this option no referrals are needed.  I can call any doctor that accepts Tricare and make appointments and go as I please.)  For our family, with as many doctors as we see, it made more sense to remain on Standard.  My kids do not have to see military doctors (who get transferred as often as all other military personnel, thus causing frequent changes in the primary care doctor.)  Also, at this time, there are not many options for us, in this area, on Prime.

I think every one of our doctors are covered by Tricare.  I have had no issues getting appointments set up or approved.  There was not a single issue at the children’s hospital.  And I was not asked to pay a penny while there.  (By the way, we have gotten statements so far totaling $30,000!)

This week, I went to the doctor and found out I have strep.  I got a prescription.  Today Thing2 went and found out he has an ear infection.  Got another prescription.  And I have paid $6 total!  I am loving this!  (Especially since we still have 2 more doctor visits scheduled for this month.)

I could be singing a different tune in a few weeks if issues arise with Tricare making payments.  But, so far, the people have been so fabulously nice and helpful on the phone and the insurance has been such a huge blessing!

(For military families reading, do you choose Prime or Standard?  Why?  I am wondering if we will want to change to Prime at some point once living near a post.)


3 thoughts on “Tricare!!

  1. Wow – that’s good. I can’t believe you were already billed for some of the children’s hosp visits – that seems fast.
    Hope it all goes well – if it’s less hassle just processing claims/payments, it will be worth it!

  2. We’re on Prime. The boys HAVE to be Prime to get ABA therapy for autism. The soldier HAS to be Prime. So my husband is as well. I am because we live on post, and it’s much easier for me to pop over to the clinic if I’m sick than to see a doctor off post. And sometimes you get in faster if the primary doc’s office schedules it for you. With chronic health issues, it’s also the most affordable option for us. Each plan has its positives and negatives. You just have to weigh them both and figure out which is best for you.

    You may find on Standard that a specialist or lab may still require your primary doc’s office to call and schedule the appointment for you. With some docs, you also get in faster if the primary doc’s office calls for you. Your primary doctor’s office should know when referring you though. We had the Reserve Select plan at one point, which is like standard, and I found this stuff out.

    • Amanda- We already have all of our specialists right now. I suspect we may switch to Prime at some point, once we are living near a post. Right now, I was mostly concerned with continuing the care my kids are already receiving!

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