I wish…

Tonight we have our meeting with the wish granters assigned to Thing1’s case.  I am not really sure exactly what will happen tonight.  One thing I am sure of: I will cry…  I hope those poor people are used to it.  I am already crying more than usual because I still don’t feel 100% and because I miss my husband.  And every time I read wish stories online, I cry.  It is just such a huge blessing and a wonderful thing they do for kids.  A serious medical condition mostly has drawbacks.  Very few perks to lifelong medications, illnesses, stress, etc.  This is a perk!  My baby will have so much pain and suffering in his life, he deserves a reward!  (And, in case you wondered, I am now crying.)

I think we have settled on a wish to go to Disney World.  I am just hoping and praying that it can all be worked out for Armydad to go with us.  I know he will be devastated if we cannot work it out.  He already feels like he is missing so much of the boys’ lives.  We will see how it goes tonight!


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