Happy New Year!

I know, I know, I have stunk at blogging lately.  Sorry.  I have been busy with medical appointments for Thing 1, then spending time with my husband, then traveling and Christmas, and more time with my husband.  Today I am going to get some laundry done and get my house somewhat in order.  Tomorrow, I leave to take Armydad back.  This time will be so much harder.  I don’t know if he will ever come back to our home.  If he does not get leave to move us, he may never see our little apartment again…  I will only have to get through a little over 7 weeks and I get to see him.  He will get a Family Day and Graduation Day to spend with us.  But, we have been told, he will ship immediately to OCS after he graduates from Basic.  OCS is much further away.  I cannot drive there alone with the boys, so I doubt I will see him more than once or twice.  After OCS, he will go to BOLC.  This is his branch specific training.  We do not know yet what branch he is, so we don’t know where or how long that will be.  We are both hoping for a really long BOLC so the Army will move the kids and me there!  (Or a BOLC location that is close so we could drive and see him every weekend.)

Anyway…  I was planning to do a New Year post, so here it is:  2010 treated us well.  We got new housing, a new career, our family size went down, then up, and then down again!  We enjoyed each size, but are loving our little family now!  We encountered many challenges, got scary phone calls, and endured our first (short) military separation.  We also had many blessings, got great news several times, and embraced a new lifestyle!

I think 2011 will be challenging.  There is a very good chance that more than half of 2011 will be spent living away from Armydad.  But, I think it will be a great year!  We have set some financial goals for ourselves that we are excited to work on.  We are hoping and praying for less medical drama this year.  And, we are hopeful we will travel as a family to Walt Disney World with the Make A Wish Foundation this year!

2010 was a bit of a bumpy ride, with many ups and downs, but I think I better sit back and grab a seat belt because 2011 is going to get turbulent with some extreme highs and extreme lows!  Hang on!  Here we go!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. So glad he’s home ! I”m hoping 2011 will be calmer for you – less of a roller coaster. (And SOOOO sorry I didn’t read your blog first before calling you today and waking you both up from your last together nap before he returns to the base! I feel awful…. I hope you were able to fall back asleep….)

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