We are home.  Things went decently well with Thing 1.  He is not going on the transplant list at this time.  He will eventually.  Transplant is the only treatment for his heart condition.  But, it is a ‘time sensitive’ solution.  That means his transplanted heart will only last 15-20 years.  So, the doctors want to wait as long as possible before moving to a transplant.  For now, we will go in annually for cardiac catherizations.  (Sooner if we see symptoms arise.)  He was a champ during the myriad of doctor visits, tests, and procedures.  Seriously.  We spent 8 hours on Tuesday, 11 hours on Wednesday, and 4 hours on Thursday at the hospital.  I am so proud of my little guy.  (Both of them really because Thing 2 was there most of the time and did fabulous as well.)

Armydad is home!  We picked him up for Christmas Exodus yesterday.  It is so great having him home.  He is having a little trouble relaxing and enjoying his time.  Basic is a lot more stressful than he thought it was going to be, so his body is just stressed (physically, mentally, emotionally).  It is getting better and I am hopeful he will feel much better in a couple days.  Our plan is to spend this week at home and then go visit family at the beginning of next week.  Then a few more days at home before he has to head back.  I am just so glad to have him home!


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