Random Stuff

I am going to do a quick random post.

– I will be absent for a while.  We are leaving in a day and a half for Thing 1’s appointments.  We will be spending at least 3 nights in a hotel with a 2 and 4 year old…  (By we, I mean me and my mom.)  I don’t know how much computer access I will have while gone.  Armydad will be home around the same time we will.  So, if you don’t see me for a while, don’t worry!  I will blog when I can.

– I caved and sent an e-mail to Armydad’s CO.  She was very polite in her reply and said to get the info about Thing 1’s procedures to her and she will make sure Armydad is informed.  So, I will be able to let him know that our four year old woke from the anesthesia!

– I am missing Armydad today.  I vacuumed my van, cleaned bath tubs, and swept and mopped floors.  Those are all his jobs.  I am feeling it tonight.  My leg hurts so bad.  I thought dividing my chores into 2 days would help things.  But, I have to finish tomorrow and am already having trouble.  (Have I talked about my back issues on here?  I have 2 herniated discs in my back that pinch the nerve.  This causes pain and numbness in my legs.)

– Armydad made us dinner tonight!  And by that, I mean he made a delicious baked ziti before he left and froze it.  I baked it tonight.

I think that hits the high lights.  I am exhausted and ready for bed now.  I will be back when I find the time (and computer access!)


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