Briefed? Me?

Armydad called last night.  He told me that I will have to pick him up on a certain day for Christmas Exodus.  I have to be there at an exact time for a briefing.  Huh?  Apparently they will go over what the soldiers are and are not allowed to do over break.  Why do I have to be told?  I am not my husband’s boss.  I do not strictly adhere to the Biblical belief that the husband is the head of the household, but I do so enough that I would not tell my husband what to do or not do.  If they tell me he needs to exercise every day, I will tell him they said that and then I will let him make the decision.

I am so excited to see him, but stressed at the same time.  It looks like Thing 1 will be having his heart work up a few days before Armydad gets to leave.  If the cardiac catherization shows he will need a transplant right away, his stay will increase.  So, that could mess with my pick up plans.  I am sure it will all work out in the end.  It is just going to be a very long, stressful few days with way too much time spent in the car for me…


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