I am trying to figure out how to strike a balance here.  I do not want Armydad to feel like everything has changed.  I don’t want him to feel he needs to ask what the bedtime routine is or what the boys can and cannot do.  But, I need some changes.  If I am going to survive this, I have to make some changes.  Some are out of necessity, some are to improve our habits.  Here are the changes so far:

– Bedtime was a necessity.  The boys had gotten into the habit of falling asleep on the couch while snuggling with us.  I am having trouble lugging their dead weight to bed, so bedtime had to happen in their room.  Now, we go to their room, read a couple books, turn off the lights, say prayers, and give kisses.  I leave the room while they are awake and they fall sleep on their own.

– TV time.  This one is because I feel their TV watching has gotten out of hand.  I have felt that way for a while.  But, I never imposed ruled because Armydad’s schedule changed so much, I did not want to limit him for the days he was only home in the morning or only at night.  Now, I am going to try very hard to turn the TV off at 9am.  Then we can go somewhere, do a craft, or just play.  After school, another hour os so will be allowed.

– Schedule.  I think I am going to try and come up with a schedule and have every hour of every day planned.  I think I will be more likely to exercise, cook meals, turn the TV off, etc if it is scheduled.  It will help me to be more productive.

That is all I have come up with right now.  I am sure more changes will occur.  I want things to stand still so Armydad does not miss anything, but our lives cannot stop while he is gone…


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