We made it home safely today.  I was tempted to come home yesterday. (Missing my own bed, kids’ toys, etc.)   But, I knew I was coming home to an empty house and would regret rushing back here…  So, we stuck to our original plan.  Both boys slept most of the way home.  (That NEVER happens.)  When we got home, I unloaded the car, made a 2 week meal plan, made my grocery list, then loaded the kids back in the car and headed to the grocery store.  Once we got home, I got dinner started, then unpacked and put everything away while it cooked.  After dinner, we had a family movie night.  I let the boys stay up about an hour past their usual bedtime because I was hoping for a call from Armydad.  So far, no call has come today…

The boys have done phenomenally well so far.  But, it is because they don’t get it.  Thing 1 was expecting Daddy to be at home when we got here.  (Due to Armydad’s restaurant work schedule, we often traveled on weekends without him.)  I had to explain to him again that Daddy is gone for a long time at his new job with the Army.  He will be back at Christmas time.  He looked at me, with this pitiful little face and said, “But, my [I] miss him so much…”  Poor guy.  I suspect this will be a long week.

I am doing great so far.  I have my moments.  But, I was staying at my parents house with 9 other people and 3 dogs.  I was NEVER alone.  I think, now that we are home, I will not hold up as well.  I will feel his absence a lot more.  We can do this.  We will get through it!


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