When I spoke with the transplant coordinator earlier this week, she went over some of the logistics with me that I have been concerned about.  We will not need to move there.  They only insist kids that are Status 1A move there to wait.  Thankfully, Thing 1 is not in that bad of shape.  So, we will be able to continue living here, going to school, seeing our doctors.  Thing 1 will need to go there every few months to be evaluated to see if his status has changed and if his meds are working.  (I forgot to ask about the average wait time on the list…)

She suggested I either leave Thing 2 with someone or bring someone with me when we have the testing done.  I talked with my mom last night.  She would like to go with me.  She also said my dad has about 4 days of vacation left, so she might have him hold off so he could take them and go with us.

I am feeling better about some of the logistics.  But, that means I have more time to focus my thoughts on the actual procedures.  I have to stop thinking about it.  I have to stop thinking about all possible outcomes.  I will drive myself crazy.


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