Phone Call!!!!!

I got a phone call tonight!  Armydad arrived at his post for Basic late yesterday.  I got a short, rehearsed call letting me know he was there and safe.  I hoped for a Thanksgiving call, but did not expect one would be given on his first full day in Reception.  I got one!  And it was a long one!  We were on the phone for about 20 minutes!  A few updates:

Remember when I said the Army likes to change things?  Well, they dd it again.  Originally, Armydad was told he would be at Fort B for both Basic and OCS.  Then about 5 months ago he got a call telling him he would be at Fort L for Basic and Fort B for OCS.  Two weeks ago they said Fort B for both.  He arrived at MEPS and was given his travel stuff.  To…  Yep, you guessed it, Fort L!  So we had used the Fort B packing list and made a plan of attack for Christmas Exodus and graduation for Fort B.  Now, he is 5 hours away in a completely different direction.  Scrap the plans and start over…

Also, Armydad is struggling.  He traveled all day yesterday.  (They had him fly and he had a connection with a layover and then still had a 2 1/2 hour bus ride.  They could have driven him faster…)  So, he was exhausted from traveling.  They let them go t their rooms at about midnight, but they had to shower and shave before bed.  Then, they had to be at breakfast at 5am.  So, he got very little sleep last night (in a room with 70 other guys in bunk beds!)  He is really missing us.  He is exhausted.  He is scared and nervous.  And he is going through withdrawals from his cigarettes and Mountain Dew…  He is counting down the days until Christmas Exodus!  He will be fine.  He needs to get a little sleep and he needs to get the cigarettes and caffeine addiction worked out a little! 

(If you are wondering what you can do, prayers would be great!)


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