First Night

My first night went well.  I am so glad we got the TV for the bedroom.  I was just about asleep by the time I turned it off, so I quickly and easily fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.  For about 2 hours…  Then Thing 2 appeared in my room.  I fought with him for the next 2 hours until he finally went to sleep in my bed.  Two hours later, Thing 1 apparently had a bad dream because he started crying out in his sleep.  So, I got about 5 or 6 hours of interrupted sleep.  But, that is fairly normal for my boys.

Thing 1 does not get it.  He was convinced Daddy would be home after we went to sleep.  (He used to work closing shifts often and the kids knew he came home after they went to bed.)  He has already asked this morning if Daddy will be home tomorrow.  Hopefully this gets easier.

Okay, a ton of stuff to do today before heading to my mom’s house.  Better run!


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