This Day Sucks!

Today sucks.  It may be one of the worst days ever.  My husband left today.  I have known for many months that he was leaving today.  I prepared myself and the kids for it the best I could.  I have been doing great leading up to it.  I still am doing pretty well with it.  The two phone calls I received in the hour before he left have thrown me and made me less than thrilled about this day…

The first call came from Thing 1’s cardiologist.  She consulted with the transplant doctor at our chosen hospital.  She said he felt she was on the right track and that Thing 1 will need a transplant.  She went over a few specifics about his condition.  I asked if she felt Thing 1 would be on the list within the next few months.  Her response was, “I cannot say for certain because that is not my area and I did not specifically ask that question, but the impression I got, was YES.  I got the impression that he will be on the list soon.”

The next call came from the transplant coordinator at the hospital.  She said Thing 1 needs to come in for an evaluation.  This does not mean he is going on the transplant list.  He will meet with a couple doctors and have another cardiac catherization.  (We had one done about 2 years ago.)  If the pressures look bad enough, they will immediately switch to a transplant work-up instead of an evaluation.  But, she stressed that he was not coming in for a work-up, simply for an evaluation and they may not decide to put him on the list.

So, I am not sure what to think.  I am leaning more towards what the cardiologist said.  We have been seeing her for more than 2 years and she has always been open and honest with me in the past.  I have a feeling the coordinator says pretty much the same thing to every family being referred there.  So, we may or may not be starting the transplant process.

The next step is to iron out insurance issues.  Which is a headache and a half!  We should go into the computer system for Tricare tomorrow, but I don’t know when tomorrow.  And I don’t know if there will be hold ups in reception due to the holiday.  The hospital has all of Armydad’s info.  They plan to check with Tricare first thing Monday morning to see if we have coverage and get everything pre-approved.  Then they will call us to schedule.

Can I have a new day, please?


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