Black Friday and Shopping

I have never been hugely into Black Friday shopping.  In large part because Armydad was in the service industry and worked that day every year, so I had nothing to do with my kids.  This year I will be at my mom’s house.  My mom says my dad and brother-in-laws will watch the boys for me so I can do some shopping.  But, do I even want to?  Right now I am stalking an online deal that is supposed to start in 20 minutes.  (I am afraid they will start early and I will miss it.)  I am trying to buy a laptop.  We are getting a new one for Armydad to take with him to OCS.  That way he can Skype with us and he can use it for his studies.  If I do not get this one (or find a similar online deal later this week) I will need to go to W*l-M*rt to try and get a laptop there…  (They also have a Buzz that Thing 1 wants.)

There are so many things on my want list this year.  I have to get a laptop.  And I plan to go to J*-Ann’s to buy a ton of fabric.  (I make homemade baby items for friends and also sell them occasionally.)  I would love to get new pots and pans (if anyone has some they love, let me know!)  I am going to need a GPS system when we move eventually.  Our DVD players for our van broke, so I would like to replace those.  And I would love to get a video camcorder.  I have always been against home movies.  It annoyed me watching movies of myself.  But, it hit me the other day.  If something happens to Thing 1, I am going to wish I had video of him to watch…  (Again, if anyone has one they love, let me know!)  I know I cannot afford to buy all of these things, but a girl can dream!

Edited to add:  I got the laptop!!!!!!


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