It’s My Birthday!

It’s my birthday!  It’s my birthday!

I have no idea why I am so excited about my birthday this year.  Usually I don’t enjoy my birthday.  I thought it would be terrible this year because my husband leaves in a couple days.  But, instead I am so happy and thankful for this birthday.  I am thankful that my husband is home with me.  I am thankful we are at home, not in a hospital dealing with transplant stuff.  I am thankful I have 2 boys who are doing great!  What more could a girl ask for?

We quit doing gifts years ago.  (One of the sacrifices we made to afford adoptions!)  So, no gifts for me.  But, my boys are going to make me cupcakes later and we are going to splurge and go out to dinner at Red Lobster.  I think it will be a great day!  Now I am off to do some online shopping.  (I got a birthday e-mail from Old Navy with savings!)


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