We are going to take the boys to see Santa today.  Armydad thinks it is a huge waste.  They charge a fortune for the pics with Santa, but it is a tradition.  Thing 1 is starting to get it this year.  (Thanks in large part to Grams who loaned him Polar Express which we have watched about 75 million times…)  He keeps asking me if we are going to see the ‘real’ Santa.  I am not sure how to answer that.  I don’t want to take it away from him yet, but I also don’t want to lie to him.  So, I told him to ask Santa if he is the real one!

We are trying to put more emphasis on Jesus and his birth this year.  My sisters and I are in charge of our extended family Christmas this year.  We have decided instead of a Christmas party, we are going to do a birthday party for Jesus, complete with games and activities!  We are going to ask people to bring new baby items to donate somewhere instead of exchanging gifts.  This has never been done within our family.  I am not sure how well it will go over.  But, I am excited to try it!  And, I am excited to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas!

(Does it make me a mean mom that my kids only get one gift from Santa, plus stockings?  My total Christmas budget this year for the boys was $100 and I have not hit it!  Kids just get too much stuff.)

What do you do?  Do you encourage Santa?  Do your kids get a ton of gifts from Santa?


One thought on “Santa

  1. Just a quick note since we are leaving soon and I’m no where ready to go! We do not encourage Santa at all, and Josh doesn’t even recognize him. We are doing just a few gifts per kid and stockings. We are focusing more on giving this year and having Josh take an active part in that. I’m really getting into the Advent Conspiracy website too.

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