I Get It Now

I have always heard the divorce rate is higher in the military.  I assumed it was the time spent apart and the experiences the soldier has, both during deployment and after.  Now, I think I get it.  Last night I met three girls (women!) moving within the next few months.  One is dating a Marine.  She has been with him for more than a year and is engaged.  Girl 2 met an Army guy a few months ago while he was home from a deployment on R & R.  They have been writing and Skyping since.  She is moving in with him as soon as he gets back stateside.  The third girl has never met her guy!  She ‘met’ him through the Girl 2.  Their guys are deployed together.  So Girl 3 has been writing and Skyping, but has never actually met him in person.  And she is moving in with him as soon as he returns…  This has got to play a HUGE part in the high divorce rate.  Good thing Armydad and I were together for 5 years before marrying and married for 8 years before joining the Army!


One thought on “I Get It Now

  1. I completely agree! I always wondered why the divorce rate was so high in the military until I visited my bf (now Hubby) on base. It’s such a different and hard lifestyle that I can’t imagine going into it without years of careful consideration. And there are so many girls that just jump right in. Crazy.

    PS- Found you through MFF. 🙂

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