Thing 1-isms

Thing 1 has come up with several things lately that have made us roll!  I need to record them for my memory and share them with others!  Here they are:

Yesterday we gathered up Armydad’s old work clothes and took several things off to Goodwill.  I explained to Thing 1 that we were taking them to people who did not have clothes.  He immediately responded with, “Those people naked?”  We laughed so hard that he repeated, “We taking clothes to naked people” the whole way there!

Today he was watching a movie.  He yelled for me to pause it.  I asked why and he exclaimed (as he jumped up and down) “Cause I need to poop!”

Armydad was outside smoking.  (A habit that ends in a few days!!!!)  Thing 1 asked me if Daddy was making a phone call.  (He often goes outside to make phone calls because it is quieter.)  I told him no.  He went and opened the door and said, “Daddy, my have a problem.  We talk about it when you come in” and closed the door!  His ploy to get Daddy back inside!

“I’m Speedy!” as he races by me.

That is all I’ve got for now.  Maybe I will try and do this occasionally so I can document the cute!


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