My Family Rocks!

Background: I come from a huge, very close-knit family.  My mom has 7 siblings.  All but 1, have kids.  Many of the kids have gotten married and had kids of their own.  A typical family gathering consists of about 65 people!

After Armydad was fired, we called our parents and shared the news.  They shared the news with other friends and family members.  One of my aunts asked my mom for the name and address of the company that fired Armydad.  She started a boycott and letter writing campaign on Thursday morning (Veteran’s Day.)  Evidently our joke that the fastest way to spread news is to tell a member of the C family was correct!  On Friday morning, Armydad got a call from his former employer asking what he wanted to make all of this go away!  He has to sign a legal document that does not allow us to share the specifics, but we got what was being taken from us.  I am no longer panicking about how I am going to survive for 30-45 days until military pay starts coming.

We are amazed that they caved.  But, we are really amazed how quickly they caved.  They still have a ton of letters coming to them.  Many people dropped letters in the mail on Thursday, so they will receive those early next week.  I know several people submitted complaints online and made phone calls.  But, we did not think it was enough to make a difference.  We suspect one (or more) of the news stations that were contacted, called the company for a quote.  We have not heard from any news outlets, but we just don’t know how else it could have happened so quickly.  Whatever it was, we are so thankful!


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