What the H***?

Today was not such a great day.  Today Armydad was fired.  They came up with some bullsh*t to justify it.  He had 5 working days left before taking military leave.  He is on vacation this week.  They called him at home, while on vacation to fire him.  We will not get paid for the rest of vacation or for next week (that he was supposed to work.)  We also will not get his remaining two weeks of vacation paid out.  (His company has a policy that you lose any unused vacation time if you are fired or quit for any reason other than military leave.)  This blows!

He has suspected for a few weeks that they were looking for a reason to fire him.  I have had a bad feeling since they found out he was leaving that this would happen.  But, seriously?  Five freakin’ days!  Now we have to pay for COBRA.  (Which thankfully, according to them, verbally, is way less than I expected it to be.)

This is such a great way for them to honor him and his nine loyal years of work.  To honor the days he worked  16 hours without complaint.  To honor the sacrifices he made, the way he would drop everything and rush in anytime they called.  This is a great way to honor a man who is choosing to put his life on the line for our country.  What a great tribute so close to Veteran’s Day.


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