Hello Thing 2

Thing 2 is a ball of energy.  He is 2 1/2.  And we joke that someone must break into our house at night and slip him some crack.  He can spin in circles for 20 minutes without tiring.  I always thought Thing 1 was a difficult child: into everything, needing constant supervision and direction, etc.  Then I met Thing 2.  Thing 2 makes me question whether or not I could handle more kids.  Armydad says he is my son because he is so emotional.  A firmly worded NO makes him dissolve into a puddle of tears!

We have also faced medical issues with him.  He had surgery as a baby to fix some ‘boy’ problems.  He also had a flat head and needed a helmet for 6 months.  His current diagnoses: microcephaly, developmental delay, allergies, asthma, metatarsus adductus.  (Microcephaly means small head.  His head is below the chart.  Right now, we do not know what exactly this means.  He could end up with learning issues.  Metatarsus adductus is a deformation of his feet.  We have tried therapy, special shoes, and a series of casts on his legs.  So far, nothing has worked.  The only remaining option is surgery and we are not sure it is bad enough to warrant a surgery.)  He has more issues and specialists than Thing 1.  But, his issues are less severe and life threatening.

Thing 2 currently gets 2 in home therapies every week through Early Intervention.  We are having him tested to see if he qualifies to go to the preschool at the school system.  (Thing 1 attends this ‘special needs’ preschool and we have been happy with it.)  At our transition meeting, the school psychologist watched him for about half an hour and mentioned ADHD before he left…  (I know it is way to early for a diagnosis, but we are seeing some early signs.)  He would not start preschool until after he turns 3, so we have a few months.

Thing 2 is my baby.  Some days I think he may be my last baby.  As a result, I think I have treated him as a baby.  I think that may be why he acts more like a baby than Thing 1 did at this age!  By this age, Thing 1 was a big brother and was expected to walk into stores and such.  Most of the time I still carry Thing 2 because he throws a fit if I don’t.  So, really what right do I have to complain?  I created this adorable, cuddly little monster!

(Oh, and Thing 2?  Also adopted.  Also a different race than Armydad and myself.  And?  We will never have a biological child.  I no longer have a uterus.  So, any future kids, just assume the same!)


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