We are generally very in to Christmas around here.  We like to set the tree up early and listen to music all of November and December.  This year, we set the tree up even earlier than usual!  We set it up this weekend.  We wanted to do it and have some time to enjoy it as a family before Armydad left.  I am glad we had time to do it together.  (Partly because I hate putting together artificial trees.  That is Armydad’s job!)  Our apartment is rather small, so we really had to move stuff around and squeeze it in.

This Christmas season will be hard for me.  Armydad will be gone.  (He will be home over Christmas Exodus, but will miss a lot of the Season.)  We are taking a pay cut during training, so money will be tight.  And, I have the world’s smallest freezer.  Usually I make at least a dozen different Christmas cookies.  I start in early November and freeze them as a I make them.  This year I do not have room in my tiny apartment freezer.  I could maybe squeeze in 3 or 4 batches if I work on eating everything out of the freezer for the next week or two…  Baking is a favorite pastime.  It calms and soothes me.  I think I will want to bake a lot while Armydad is gone.  But, what will I do with the baked goods?  (If anyone has suggestions, leave me a comment!)

I love Christmas time.  It is just such a happy time of the year.  I love the decorations.  I love the cold weather.  I love the music.  I love giving gifts.  I will LOVE seeing my husband on Christmas!


One thought on “Christmas

  1. I feel as if I should offer up my freezer space.

    You can put several dozen cookies in there – WAIT – Do I have to give them back, or can I eat them?

    On second thought, good luck with your own freezer. I don’t think I could say goodbye to the cookies, once they came to stay with me!

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