Meet Thing 1

I wrote a post a few weeks back about Thing 1 and some of his medical issues.  His most serious medical issue is his heart.  He has also had a few other diagnoses thrown in.  He has developmental delays, sensory integration dysfunction, and hypertonia (high muscle tone).  These are not too severe and should be easily overcome!

Thing 1 is 4, going on 40.  Some of the insights he has and his ability to comprehend and understand emotions makes him seem so much older!  He is my cuddle bug.  He would prefer to curl up in my lap to go to sleep every night.  I hear, “Let’s cuddle” about 25 times a day (usually while I am trying to get something else done or paying attention to his brother!)

He is a TV junkie and would be happy to watch TV round the clock!  He likes to play outside, but is afraid to.  (Because of his heart condition, he has had many times where he has become severely short of breath with very little exertion.  He is now scared to push himself.)  He loves cars, trains, and anything with wheels.

We have had a lot of feeding issues with Thing 1.  He was on baby food until almost age 3.  He is on table food now, but we have good days and bad.  He loves soup, but everything else is hit and miss.  Some days he eats all day long.  Others, all I can get into him is a breakfast drink and a little soup…  Currently there are no fruits or vegetables he is able to eat without gagging.  Somehow, despite the feeding issues, he has always been huge!  He is not yet 4 1/2 and is in size 5 clothes.  (And I suspect we will move into size 6 before winter ends.)

Thing 1 made me a mom.  He is my baby, and always will be.  (Umm, did I mention he was adopted and is a different race than us?  I love that I just now thought to mention that.  I love that his adoption and race are so commonplace to me that I forget about it!)  I better run.  He just climbed on top of me and my computer to cuddle!  I love my cuddle bug!


One thought on “Meet Thing 1

  1. Awwwwww Sweet Thing 1!! 🙂 He is so cute, and I hope they get his little heart all better, how sad for you as a momma to see him scared and know already not to push himself. 😦

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