Armydad is officially on vacation!  We have 9 blissful days to spend together.  Usually when he takes vacation and we stay home, I overbook us.  I schedule all doctor visits, errands, etc. for that week.  I did not do that this time!  The only think I have scheduled is my injection.  I had to schedule that because it is a surgical procedure and I have lifting limitations for a day or 2 after.  The boys will be going to my mom’s house for a couple days so that Armydad and I can have a day together alone and a day together spent at the hospital.  Then Armydad will go get them while I sleep off the pain!

I am so glad his current employer allowed this.  I did not think they would approve a week of vacation followed by one week back at work, and then quitting.  (Well, technically he is taking military leave, not quitting.)  But they did!  We need this time.

I am off to enjoy my stay-cation with my husband!


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