I thought I would write a little more about each of us, one day at a time.  Today I will start with Armydad.  He is tall and thin.  (So thin he had to gain a little weight to be within the acceptable Military weight range!)  He is almost 30 years old.  He has been a restaurant manager for the past 6 1/2 years.  I am so proud of him.  He started out as a bus boy 9 years ago.  He moved up to a server and bar tender.  Then, after he graduated college, he was offered a job as an assistant manager.  After only 2 years, he was given his own restaurant as general manager.  He works hard and provides well for us.

A couple years ago one of the managers he worked with got recalled to the Army.  He and Armydad were close and very similar in personality.  The friend was glad to be recalled in the end and chose to stay in and finish his 20 years.  His decision and happiness made Armydad do a lot of thinking and soul searching.  He knew he did not want to be a restaurant manager forever.  And he wanted a job that meant something where he could make a difference.  After a lot of discussion, a lot of prayers, and a ton of thought, we made the decision that he should join the Army.

He interviewed and was accepted into Officer Candidate School.  He leaves in a few short weeks.  He will do Basic and then OCS.  He is nervous about leaving us and sad to miss so much with the boys, but is excited to take this new career path!

Other than that, Armydad loves TV and music.  He is not into video games at all (which I love because they annoy me!)  His favorite pastime is sleeping.  He naps every day that he is home at nap time.  He is my hero, my protector.  He spoils me and I love every minute of it!  I will miss my soldier man!


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