New TV

I am TV shopping today.  In our old house we had a monster of a TV in our bedroom.  In all honesty, I think it was only about a 27″ but it was one of those bigger boxy TV’s that weighs about 150 pounds.  It sat on top of our chest of drawers and took up the entire space.  I insisted we sell it before putting our house on the market.  I told  Armydad that we could buy a new TV with the profit from our house.  But, I really did not want a TV in the bedroom, so I kept putting it off.  Now, Armydad is getting ready to leave.  And I want a TV in the bedroom.  Since moving into the apartment, I have had trouble sleeping.  Most nights, while Armydad is at work, I go to sleep on the couch with the TV on.  Armydad does not want me sleeping on the couch while he is gone.  He wants me to get a TV for the bedroom so I can fall asleep in there in front of the TV.  I have been secretly thinking the same thing, but did not want to suggest buying a TV since I have been so opposed to it!

We went to a couple stores this morning and looked.  And I have spent some time looking online.  I am leaning towards a 22″ with a built in DVD player.  Armydad would prefer I get at least a 26″.  I think that is too big for the bedroom.  And, I don’t want to spend much money.

I think if I am going to spend at least 6 months of nights alone, I deserve a TV to watch in my bed, right?


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